CustomerHub is a hosted application that allows you to create a password protected website that integrates with your Infusionsoft application. 

CustomerHub provides front-end access to members and customers, while Infusionsoft houses the back-end database of contacts, orders, and billing data.

CustomerHub is commonly used by small businesses to...

  • Deliver restricted content (training, documents, videos) to site members who are paid or free subscribers. CustomerHub controls access to content through Tags and Subscriptions assigned to a Person Record in your Infusionsoft application.
  • Create a customer portal so that your customers can manage their accounts online. CustomerHub synchronizes billing and account information with your Infusionsoft application so that the updates your customers make through CustomerHub automatically update Infusionsoft.

CustomerHub is an ideal membership site / customer portal solution for businesses that want to add a subscription product or service to their current offerings or fully transition to a subscription-based business model. 

The tight integration with Keap and Infusionsoft by Keap allows you to control content delivery and increase account management efficiency by automating member management from sign up, to access permissions, to collections and upgrades. CustomerHub gives your business the ability to support a larger number of site users without increasing the workload for your existing staff members or adding new ones.

With a CustomerHub portal, you can...

  • Automatically create new member profiles in CustomerHub, generate a unique password, and give instant access upon sign up.
  • Filter page content displayed to logged in users based on predefined access permissions. Permissions can be used to deliver targeted content to employees, partners, and membership program customers.
  • Deliver sequential content that is unlocked based on a specific schedule or upon completion of a previous module.
  • Host and deliver multimedia content, such as video, audio, and digital files (documents, PowerPoint, product files, and more) to keep your members engaged.
  • Increase program signups through integrated Facebook sharing tools.
  • Retain customers longer by creating an interactive community atmosphere.
  • Keep customer contact records up to date by giving members the ability to manage their own accounts.
  • Automatically disable access to content for delinquent accounts or reactivate members when they resolve the related billing issues.
  • Send automated follow-up notifications to customers with failed auto-charges or expiring credit cards and make it easy for them to manage their credit card information and billing preferences through CustomerHub.
  • Present upsell offers and process upgrade orders through Infusionsoft, giving customers immediate access to their newly purchased content.
  • Create a recurring revenue stream that delivers compound revenue through acquiring new members and retaining existing members.
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