CustomerHub gives you full control over who can view the content you've created and how it is consumed through permissions you assign to Pages, Partials, and Member Files. These tools can help you manage content access and set up an automated process for revealing the content in smaller chunks. Setting up a sequential content delivery strategy helps you:

  • Prevent overwhelming your customers by encouraging them to take their time to complete one step before progressing to the next.
  • Keep customers longer by enticing them to visit the member site regularly to view new content.
  • Set up a logical training path so that customers learn foundational concepts before advancing to more complex lessons.
  • Increase revenue through sales of premium content.
  • Satisfy self-paced learners by giving them the ability to "unlock" content on demand.

Prior to setting up your sequential delivery strategy in CustomerHub and Infusionsoft, develop a plan on paper. 

In the beginning, you should keep your plan as simple as possible so you can get the site up and running. You can refine the plan as you monitor member activity and get their feedback.

Your content plan should include the following information:

  • Subscription
  • Membership Name
  • Training Program Product Name
  • Target Audience
  • Content Outline and Schedule

Plan Example

Page Topic 1

  • Criteria for Accessing this Page (Self-Paced or Scheduled Delivery)
  • Media on Page (Video, Audio)
  • Member Files on Page and Criteria for accessing files

Page Topic 2

  • Criteria
  • Media
  • Files

Access to scheduled content is controlled through the Tags on the member's Infusionsoft contact record. These tags can be applied on a specific schedule through a campaign sequence (timed delivery) or can be applied based on a click of an Action Link in the CustomerHub portal (Self-Paced.)

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