All of the site content you create is displayed through Pages and Partials.


A page is a web page that can be linked to the navigation menu in the member / customer portal. A page can be part of the top-level navigation, or can be added as a submenu option under one of the main menu options. Access to a page is defined by a visitor's active Infusionsoft Subscriptions and Tags and the defined member group you assign to the page when you create it. A Page layout includes a main body area and a right side column.

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A Partial is a snippet of reusable content that can be merged into multiple Pages. Partials do not function outside of a Page; they are not linked to the navigation menu. A Partial does have permission settings, meaning you can show or hide Partials within a specific web page based on a visitor's active Infusionsoft Subscriptions and Tags and a defined member group. Partials are powerful in that they help you reuse content across the site and help create a more personalized experience for each user (e.g., display specific tips for new subscribers, but hide them from more experienced site members). Partials can also be used to display targeted upsell offers or partner ads based on the information in the visitor's Infusionsoft Person Record.

Each Page or Partial can include multiple types of content. You create content libraries in CustomerHub and then use merge fields to display the content within a Page or Partial. There are no permission settings for the multimedia content, this content displays based on the permission settings for Pages and Partials where they are used. Hosting your files through CustomerHub makes it more difficult for members to distribute content and ensures the security standards are compatible with every browser.

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  • Images: CustomerHub supports the most common image types (.jpg, .gif, and .png). You upload images to create a library of images that you can display in multiple Pages and Partials. Adding relevant graphics to your content makes it more attractive and can be used to segment the page content.
  • Video: CustomerHub includes an all-in-one video hosting, streaming, and delivery service that allows you to upload and store videos (up to 1080p resolution and 10GB per file) within your CustomerHub application. ¬†CustomerHub automatically encodes uploaded videos to ensure optimal speed and playback compatibility across multiple browsers and mobile platforms; including those requiring HTML5. Once uploaded, it is easy to merge the videos into Pages and Partials. It can take some time to process large video files, so we recommend you produce the smallest video file possible that meets your quality standards. The encoding process transforms the video files to h264 (mp4) and webm formats - producing the original file in one of these two formats will also speed up the encoding process.
  • Audio: CustomerHub also includes the ability to host audio files in the most common formats (.wav, .mp3). CustomerHub handles the hosting, streaming, and delivery of the audio file, including an attractive audio file player that can be embedded into Pages and Partials.

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You can distribute digital file download links and control access to them through permission settings.

  • Member Files: You can store an unlimited number of digital files (up to 10 GB per file) and make them available through download links. You can upload document files (.pdf, .doc, etc.), spreadsheet files (.xls, .csv, etc.), presentation files (.ppt), media files (audio and video) and more. The digital download links are hidden or displayed within a Page or Partial based on the permission settings for each individual file.

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