CustomerHub has a back-end administrative interface (the Dashboard) and a front-end customer Member Portal.

The Getting Started Launchpad

The Getting Started Launchpad provides a clear path to help you get "member-ready" with CustomerHub. After completing the launchpad, you will have:

  • Integrated your Infusionsoft account with your CustomerHub account
  • Created a process to sign-up new members
  • Customized the look & feel of your member portal
  • Added some initial site content


The Members list displays contact records from Infusionsoft that have been assigned a Username and Password to access CustomerHub. The Member list may include your customers, partners, or employees who are enrolled in a membership or training program and have access to restricted content.  It also may include customers who use CustomerHub to manage their account (view invoices, manage subscription billing, etc.). Members are created through an "Add to CustomerHub" campaign builder snippet in Keap and/or Infusionsoft by Keap. All billing and member data is managed through your Keap and/or Infusionsoft by Keap application. You do not create or manage Members through the CustomerHub portal; however, you can organize your members by creating folders in CustomerHub.

CustomerHub Content


Pages refer to website pages that display information to your website visitors and members.


The Library stores all of your multimedia files, partials and action links.


The Settings menu includes CustomerHub account, integration settings, member groups, customization tools, and optional content packages and add-ons.

Site Preview

Click on Site Preview to view the front end of your CustomerHub portal to preview design or content changes and verify or troubleshoot member permissions. Use the drop-down menu by your username to log out of CustomerHub or switch to another application connected to your Infusionsoft ID.

Member / Customer Portal

The Member / Customer Portal is the public side of the CustomerHub website. It is where your members log on to view content and/or manage their billing. The menu options each member views and the information available on the pages are custom for each member group you create. You can customize the look and feel of the portal to match your company's branding as well as customize user experience based on active Infusionsoft subscription programs and Infusionsoft Tags.

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