Go to Admin > Application Settings

Application Settings

  • Application name - give your application a unique name to distinguish it from others
  • Support email - enter an email address into the Support Email field. This email address will receive notifications and help requests when your customers need help using CustomerHub
  • WYSIWYG editor - the WYSIWYG Editor is turned on by default. This is the easiest editor to use to create pages in CustomerHub. Turn the WYSIWYG editor off if you want full control over the page style and content by inserting HTML code
  • Date Format - configure dates to display in USA or International format
  • Additional Fields - Select additional Infusionsoft contact record fields to merge onto your CustomerHub pages. We already give you access to the most commonly used fields.
  • Default Tag Category - creating a new Infusionsoft tag from within CustomerHub will add that tag to this category.  
  • Public Registration Page - learn more
  • Allow Member Uploads - learn more


This email will be sent any notifications from our systems for all categories selected.

  • Member Payment
  • Member Document Upload

Payment Settings

If you plan to use CustomerHub to process billing updates, you will need to link it to one of the Merchant Accounts you've integrated with Infusionsoft. Follow these instructions:

  1. Go to Admin > Application Settings then scroll down to Payment Settings section and select your merchant from the drop down.
  2. Click on the Currency drop-down to select a currency symbol. This symbol is displayed to your customers or members when they submit payments and view invoices through CustomerHub.
  3. (Optional) Payment Notification. This setting is on by default, which means you will receive an email notification when someone submits a payment through CustomerHub.
  4. (Optional) Payment Notify Email. Enter the email address that will receive the Payment Notification emails.
  5. (Optional) Invoice Address Block - displays your address on your invoices.
  6. (Optional) Invoice Note. Enter a message that will display to all customers when they view their invoices through CustomerHub.

Campaign API Goal Triggers - learn more

Legacy Options - Infusionsoft Action Sets (optional)

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