The main page tab and sub-page link navigation options your members see in your CustomerHub portal are determined by the permission settings assigned to each individual page.

These permissions are configured using active subscription and tag criteria. If a menu option does not show up when you think it should, you may need to check the page permission settings. 

The order of the options in the main tab and sub-menu navigation menus is based on Page and Sub-Page order.

  1. Click on Pages
  2. Pages and sub-pages are listed in the same order they will appear on the navigation menu of the member portal.
  3. Click the move icon to drag the page up or down and drop it to insert the page in a new position.
  4. If a page has sub-pages, you will see a small arrow icon next to the main page. Click on this icon to see the sub-pages.
  5. To reorder sub-pages, click on the edit button of the main page.
  6. Then click the sub-pages tab.
  7. You can drag and drop these in the order you want.
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