A Partial is a snippet of reusable content that can be merged into multiple Pages. They are not linked to the customer / member portal's navigation menu; instead they are delivered through a CustomerHub web  page.

Partials are often used to:

  • Insert the same message in multiple locations throughout your Member / Customer portal so that it is easy to update (from one location) when changes are needed.
  • Deliver audience-specific content within a particular page (e.g. a welcome video for new members on the Home page that automatically goes away after x number of days.)
  • Feature new site content.
  • Highlight and sell access to additional paid content
  • Present an upgrade offer.
  • Display targeted partner ads to customers / members

The Partial is displayed based on the permissions you  assign to the partial when you create it, the permissions of the page you merge it into, and the website visitors active Infusionsoft Subscriptions and Tags.


You run a membership program that has three member groups: Silver, Gold, and Platinum. The Silver members have access to some articles only. The Gold members have access to Articles with multimedia content (like video and audio files). The Platinum members have access to all of the previous content as well as worksheet files, case studies, and resource lists. They are also eligible for special discounts on products purchased from you and your partners.

You can create member-specific partials and embed all of them on the Home Page or in the Right Column of your site, displaying a different upsell option based on the current membership group.

To Silver members, you can display a "teaser" that promotes the Gold member group. This part of the page (Partial) would be hidden from Gold and Platinum members based on the permissions you've assigned to it.

  • To Gold members, you can present a special incentive to upgrade to the Platinum member group.
  • And, to the Platinum members, you could display the appropriate product or partner promotions.

You can use CustomerHub Action Links to automatically process an upgrade order from inside of CustomerHub and update the member's access to the next member group.

Create a Partial

  1. Go to Library > Partials
  2. Click on Create Partial
  3. (Optional) Select a partial template to copy.
  4. Enter a Partial Name (e.g. Silver Member Welcome Video) and click Save. The Partial Name is not seen by customers / members. It is used to identify the content so you can easily recognize it and merge it into Pages.

Add content to your Partial

  1. Enter the partial Content. Remember, this partial will be merged into a page so keep it brief. In most cases, you will use the built in WYSIWYG editor to create page content. Note:If you have the WYSIWYG editor disabled, go to Settings > Application Settings to turn it on.
  2. You will use the media selector tool to insert multimedia content (images, videos, etc...) You can also use these tools to insert a link to download a file.Click into the WYSIWYG editor where you want to insert a piece of media.Click on a Media tab to view its content.Click on the name of a file to insert it into your partial. Note: You can enter a file name into the Search field to find a file more quickly.
  3. Click the Save button

Partial Permissions

  1. Click on the Permissions tab to define which site visitors will be able to view the partial when they access the page it is merged into and click Save.
  2. Click on the Site Preview tab to preview the page and test the access permissions.

Add your Partial to a Page

  1. To Merge a Partial into a Page, go to Pages
  2. Click the name of the page or sub-page you want to modify.
  3. Click into the body of the page where you want to position the Partial.
  4. Click on the Partials media tab and click on the file name to insert it into the page. Note: You can search for a partial by name or filter the list by Folder.
  5. Click the Save button

Be Careful! Do not edit the merge code for the multimedia files or the files will not merge into the page properly.


  • {{ video.1324411893-mp4 }}
  • {{ audio.1326298166.mp3 }}
  • {{ member.file-125987 }}

Note: If you are using a Partial Template you will need to replace the example merge fields with new ones.

Note: Partials CAN be embedded into another partial. Limit to 5 total partials, including the main level partial.

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