CustomerHub gives you the unique ability to merge personal information (name, company, etc.) from contact records in your Infusionsoft account into a CustomerHub page. To the member, it feels like the page was created just for them. Adding personal information can make the copy much more powerful. It helps create an emotional connection and can make a special offer seem more tailored to an individual's needs.

Select your Infusionsoft Custom field

  • Go to Admin
  • Applications Settings
  • Additional Fields section
  • Add the desired custom field
  • Click save

Add the merge field to a page or partial

  1. Go to Pages (or Partials)
  2. Click the name of the page to edit it, or click on the create page button to add a new Page.
  3. Click into the text body to place your cursor where you want to insert personal information
  4. Click on the User Fields media tab, then click on the name of the field you wish to insert into the page or partial.
  5. Repeat to insert additional User Merge fields.
  6. Click Save when you are finished editing the page.
  7. Test the User Merge fields by viewing the page as a person who has permission to view the page you just edited.
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