CustomerHub includes unlimited file storage space. You are able to upload files (up to 5 GB each) of various types (product files, video files, document files, and more) that members can download while logged into your the CustomerHub site.

You can use the Member Files feature to deliver supplemental documentation that supports your membership site content (e.g. worksheets or podcasts) or use it to deliver and provide ongoing access to digital product files that are too large to deliver through Infusionsoft. Once a file is uploaded, you can define file permissions that restrict access to it based on Infusionsoft tags and subscriptions. Members and customers will access the digital files through their filebox or through file merge links you add to individual pages and partials to provide the download links in context.

  1. To add Member Files, go to Library > Member Files
  2. Click on Upload File
  3. Click on Choose File to browse your computer and select a file to upload. Double-click on the file to upload it.
  4. (Optional) Click on add another file to select another digital file for upload.
  5. Click Done to go to your Member Files list to view the files. 

Run automation when a file is downloaded (optional)

Select a tag to be applied when the file is downloaded.

Manage file permissions and Filebox visibility

Each member file can be individually added to a page which gives them access to that file IF they have permissions to view the file and that page. In addition to this the Filebox acts as a central location for all your files so members can view/download them.


  • To set a files permissions click on the file name and go to the permissions tab.
  • Specify All Members (Public) or a Certain Members (Permissions)

Filebox Visibility

  • On the files list page you can quickly toggle the visibility by clicking the Hide/show toggle in the filebox visibility column.
  • You can also specify this when editing the file.

Viewing or Adding Member Files

  1. Members can sign in and access files via their filebox.
  2. Members can download files directly from pages, partials, or the filebox.
  3. To insert a link to a file on a page or partial, go to Pages or Partials.
  4. Click the name of the page you want to modify.
  5. Click inside the body to specify where you want to insert the digital file link.
  6. Click the Files media tab, then click on the name of the file you want to insert into the page or partial.

Pro Tip: You can upload up to 25 files at the same time.

Note: You cannot revise or replace files once they've been uploaded to CustomerHub. If you need to update a file you will first upload a new one. After you upload the new file you will need to edit the Pages and Partials where it is used to remove the old file merge link and insert the new one. Once you've finished updating the Pages and Partials, go back to the Member Files list (Content > Member Files) and click on the delete button to permanently remove the old file if you are no longer using it.

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