You are able to upload audio files to your CustomerHub site and embed a player into individual Pages and Partials to supplement page content or to deliver content via podcast. The most common formats are WAV and MP3. The WAV format produces a high quality audio that runs on any Windows or Mac systems and most web browsers. 

However, it does not compress the audio and produces a larger file. MP3 is the most popular format for web and download because it maintains close to original quality while compressing the file size to about 1/10th of the original size, resulting in faster upload and download times.

  1. To add audio files, go to Library > Audio
  2. Click on the Upload Audios button
  3. Click Choose File to browse your computer and select an audio file(s) to upload
  4. Click Done to go to your audio file library and view the audio file you just uploaded and monitor the encoding process. Be patient - larger files take longer to encode. Note: You cannot revise audio files once they've been uploaded to CustomerHub. If you need to replace an audio file you will first upload a new one. After you upload the new audio file, you will need to edit the Pages and Partials where it is used to remove to old audio merge link and insert the new one. Once you've finished updating the Pages and Partials, go back to the audio file library (Content >Audio) and click on the delete button to permanently remove the old audio file, if you are no longer using it.
  5. To merge audio files onto a CustomerHub page, click on the WYSIWYG editor where you want to insert a file.
  6. Click on the Audio media tab, then click on the name of the audio file you wish to merge into the page. Note: You can enter a file name into the Search field to find a file more quickly in larger media libraries.
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