As your membership programs grow, you will see an increase in support related requests. The Tender help desk integration allows you to organize your customer care. As a CustomerHub user, you are eligible for a discount of 30% per month. Tender Support provides you with:

  • A way to collect support requests from your members.
  • A user support forum where your members can help each other.
  • A FAQ and Article knowledge base.
  • Email Support

The integration between CustomerHub and Tender Support makes it easy for your members to move from one portal to another. Once the customer is logged into CustomerHub, they can easily click on a link to enter your Tender App support portal without signing in again.

Tender Support Setup

  1. To Enable The Tender Support Integration, set up a Tender Support account. If you want to test the integration, you can start out with a 14 day Free Trial.
  2. Login to your Tender account and go to Account & Settings > Extras > Single Sign-On.
  3. Go to the MultiPass Single Sign-On section.
  4. Make sure Single Sign-On is turned On.
  5. Copy the SSO API Key and Tender App (Site Key). You will need to enter these into CustomerHub.

Enable Tender Support in CustomerHub

  1. Login to CustomerHub and go to Admin > Integrations.
  2. Click "more info" linkĀ 
  3. Enter your Tender Support account email address into the Tender Email field.
  4. Enter the Tender App (Site Key) and SSO API Key
  5. (Optional) Customize the Help link for CustomerHub. By default this link shows up in the top right of the member portal. The link text says "Help" by default, but you can change it.
  6. (Optional) Enter a Custom URL. If you configured a Custom URL for your Tender Support portal in the Tender Support settings, then you will also need to enter that URL here.
  7. Click on Enable this Add-on.
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