As the amount of content you deliver through CustomerHub grows, a good organization system will become increasingly important. You can define global folders and use them to filter the CustomerHub member or content lists. You might define folders by membership program, content topic, etc. Each item (member, page / partials, multimedia file, or action link) is manually assigned to a folder.

  1. To create a folder, go to Pages or Library
  2. Hover over the Move To button, enter a name (e.g. Bronze Membership), and click the button to create the folder. Note: You can add and delete folders, but cannot edit their name.
  3. To Assign Items to a Folder, go to Pages or Library. The folder you created is globally accessible. You can add all types of content to it (e.g. the Bronze Membership folder might contain pages, videos, members, and more). These instructions use the Page list as an example. Note: Each item can only be assigned to one folder at a time. However, you can move an item from one folder to another when needed.
  4. Check the item(s) you want to move to a folder.
  5. Hover over the Move To button and select the folder.
  6. After you've added items to folders (members, pages, etc.), you are able to use the folders to filter various lists throughout your CustomerHub admin interface.
  7. To Delete a Folder, hover over the Move To button and click the trashcan icon to permanently delete the folder. Note: Deleting a folder does not delete the content you've assigned to the folder. However, you will not be able to filter that content by a folder until you assign it to a new one.
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