There are two primary aspects to a CustomerHub membership site or customer portal:

  • Website Content: CustomerHub is a hosted website solution that allows you to deliver content through a secure, password-protected website. You log into CustomerHub to manage content, including multimedia files, pages, partials, and member groups. The content is all stored and updated through CustomerHub.
  • Members: CustomerHub displays a list of the members who are registered to access your CustomerHub website. The people on your member list have been registered in your CustomerHub site and have an email address and password stored in Infusionsoft.

Once a person has access to CustomerHub, they remain a member unless you revoke access completely. They are able to log into CustomerHub and view any information for which they meet the member group criteria. If a member does not meet the criteria for any of your member groups, they are granted public access, meaning they can see any page that has no member group assigned to it.

Troubleshooting Member Access

Infusionsoft is the database that stores all of your member details, including billing, credit card, subscription status, and detailed contact information. You log into Infusionsoft to update member information. Here are some guidelines that may help you resolve member issues when they arise:

  1. Subscription-related access is enabled as long as a member's subscription status is active. If the status is inactive, the member will no longer have access to the content that uses that subscription as a criteria for a member group.
  2. CustomerHub automatically checks the member's Infusionsoft contact record each time they log into your CustomerHub website. The content will update automatically based on the most current Tags and active Subscriptions. In most cases, you don't need to log into CustomerHub to make any changes to the Member record.
  3. A member may have difficulty logging in after you run a dup check and merge duplicates in Infusionsoft. When this happens, the Infusionsoft Contact ID may change. If the Infusionsoft Contact ID does not match up with the CustomerHub Member ID, the member can't log in. To fix the problem: Log into Infusionsoft and find the person's contact ID. Log into CustomerHub and click on Members to lookup the person on the Member List. Click on the person's name to edit their member profile. Clicking SAVE will typically auto update the ID but if it does not...Click on the Other Info tab to update the Infusionsoft ID. Enter the new ID and save the change.

Updating Member/Contact Information

The recommended method for updating a member/contact's information is to have them log into the CustomerHub website and update contact and/or billing information via their profile page. These updates by the member will synchronize with their contact record in Infusionsoft/Keap.

Manually updating basic contact information (Name, phone, address)

When you update basic contact information in Infusionsoft/Keap, it synchronizes with CustomerHub the next time that member logs into the website. These type of basic info updates can also be done via the member record in CustomerHub.

Manually updating LOGIN information (email, password)

Manually updating login information (email and/or password) must always me done in the CustomerHub member record.

Go to Members > click the name of a member to edit > click SAVE after changes. These updates will sync immediately in Infusionsoft/Keap.

NOTE: For security purposes, we recommended members personally log into the CustomerHub website and update ALL contact information via their profile page.

Other manual updates

These other update tasks must also be done through the CustomerHub member list.

  • Organize members into Folders or delete members records
  • Revoke access to CustomerHub. Member access is adjusted dynamically based on the Tags on their Infusionsoft contact record and their active subscriptions. Members will continue to have access to CustomerHub as a Public Member as long as a member record exist in CustomerHub and they have an email address and password in their Infusionsoft contact record. If you want to revoke access completely, log into CustomerHub and delete the person's member record from the Member List. This is rarely necessary, but is available for those who need it.
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