Member groups are the main and recommended method for setting visibility permissions for your content and pages. With member groups you can easily manage which pages are viewable for your potential membership levels. ie. Silver, Gold, Platinum.

  1. Go to Admin > Member Groups
  2. Click the Create member group button.
  3. Give your member group a name
  4. Specify access criteria. By default CustomerHub will attempt to create a tag based on the member group name OR you can select existing tags and or subscriptions from your Infusionsoft.
  5. Specify a member group color
  6. Click save

After clicking save you will have an additional field to specify which existing pages will be available to a member that is part of this member group.

Now that you have a member group you can now associate it with pages, partials, and or member file permissions.

Pro Tip:

A member ONLY needs to have 1 of the tags and/or subscriptions associated with their contact record to be part of that Member Group.

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