What people see when they log into your CustomerHub website is determined by one of the following criteria:

  1. Member Groups
  2. Tag(s) applied to an Infusionsoft contact record
  3. Subscription Product(s) a customer has purchased

Member Groups

If you have three member groups in your app (eg. bronze, silver gold) and you want all three to have access to one of your pages, you can simply add all three. Create member groups to limit access based on certain criteria. A member group consists of Infusionsoft tags or active Infusionsoft subscriptions.

Tag(s) applied to an Infusionsoft contact record

Tags are used to segment contact records in Infusionsoft. They tell you more about who the person is, what they are interested in, events they've attended and more. You create Tags and either apply them to contact records manually or tell Infusionsoft when to apply the tag(s) automatically. When you create Page and Partial permissions, you can use a combination of one or more tags to define the target audience for that content. Tags are especially helpful when defining permissions to access free content or to give customers who have not purchased a subscription product access to the billing and account management tools in CustomerHub.

Note: There are a few differences when using Tags as a criteria for setting CustomerHub permissions versus using Tags to search or configure rules in Infusionsoft. You can only base the permissions on the Tags that the person DOES have, and when you select more than one Tag from the list, the person may have ANY of the selected Tags in order to view the content.

The tag list in CustomerHub is automatically populated with the list of tags from your Infusionsoft application.

Action Links used in CustomerHub Pages and Partials can automatically update the Tags for an Infusionsoft contact record, meaning your permissions can update in "real time" as a customer / member clicks on links in your website to purchase an additional product, signify they've completed a module, and more.

Subscription Product(s) a customer has purchased

Membership programs generally involve recurring billing, which means they are associated with an Infusionsoft Subscription Product. When a subscription product is used as a permission criteria, CustomerHub looks at the Status of the Subscription plan(s) in the customer's Infusionsoft record. It will allow access to those customers with ACTIVE subscriptions and deny access to those with INACTIVE subscriptions. 

When a customer cancels their subscription, you must make sure someone from your team manually updates the subscription status or you tell Infusionsoft when to cancel a subscription automatically. You can define permissions using one subscription product as the criteria, or a combination of several subscription products.

Permissions assigned to CustomerHub Pages and Partial. 

Once you have Tags and Subscriptions created in Infusionsoft, you can assign permissions to Pages, Partials, and/or Member Groups. The permissions assigned to a Page determines whether the page link shows up in the main menu or sub-page menu for specific customers / members. The permissions assigned to a Partial determine whether that snippet of information is displayed or hidden from view when a customer / member has permission to view a specific page. 

You can create "Teasers" to promote the content for Partials that a customer / member does not have permission to access. Teaser show up in place of the Partial content (e.g. an exclusive video) so that you can promote the content and make it easy for someone to purchase access to it.

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