Using the site and member preview feature can help you test what content is and should be displayed base on your permissions setup.

Preview Membership Content

This is completely controlled through CustomerHub Permissions. This determines what appears in the member's main and subpage menu (Pages) as well as which content shows up within a specific page (Partials). You can test this by using the CustomerHub Site Preview button. When you view the site preview you can toggle between permission levels in real time. You can view your site using All Members (Public) OR Certain Members (Permissions).

All Members (Public) 

This is a member who has a username and password for your CustomerHub site but does not meet the specific permission criteria to view any of the restricted pages. A Public Member can only view the information that is unrestricted (ie. Public) and available to all website visitors. 

Certain Members (Permissions)

A Member with Permissions option allows you to preview CustomerHub through a specific Permission Level. This does not equate exactly with viewing the site as a specific person, since a person may meet the criteria for more than one permission level. (eg. a contact has unique tags and subscription)

  1. Click Preview
  2. Expand the preview menu by clicking the top left button. By default, All Members (Public) is selected.
  3. Select Certain Members (Permissions) option
  4. Select a Member Group from the drop-down. Select a defined Member Group (e.g. Silver Member) Preview with custom permissions: This option allows you to test a specific Permission Level before you define and save it as a permission.
  5. Click on Apply to see the CustomerHub site as a person who meets the criteria you selected.

Preview a specific Members content

Each of your CustomerHub website visitors could have a unique experience since access to content is based on their Infusionsoft Tags and/or active Subscriptions. It is possible for a single person to have a contact record in Infusionsoft that meets the criteria for more than one Member Group. 

To preview your website for a specific member, navigate to the Members section. Search for that specific member and click the "preview" button, which is located on the far right column. 

This will display your site specific to this members viewing permissions. 

To see exactly what member groups, tags, and/or subscriptions this member has, expand the prvie menu. Viewing this criteria will help you troubleshoot situations where a member is supposed to see content, but currently does not.


Sometimes tags names in Infusionsoft can be the same but be in a different category. Make sure the member has the right tag associated when troubleshooting content display problems.

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