CustomerHub comes pre-loaded with the following account management pages that integrate with the Infusionsoft subscriptions, invoices, and credit card billing functions:

  1. My Account Menu
  2. Account Pages

Important! These pages are hidden by default. You will need to click on a page link to edit its permissions to make the pages visible to customers. You can also add page permissions to restrict access based on Infusionsoft Tags and Subscriptions.

When you make these pages visible, they are automatically added to the main navigation menu in the customer portal. Click on the General Info tab to move it to the sub-menu for one of the other main pages (e.g. the My Account page) 

My Account Menu - CHECK OUT OUR NEW "My Account" page template

The My Account Menu gives customers quick access to all of the Account Management tools. If you want this menu to show in the right column of all or most pages, you can copy the page code and use it to create your Default Right Column.

Note: You must link CustomerHub to an Infusionsoft Merchant Account to use the invoice, subscription, and credit card pages.


This is integrated with Infusionsoft and automatically updates the person's Infusionsoft contact record. They can also visit this page to change their CustomerHub password. The direct URL to this page looks something like this:


This links to the default Invoices page where the customer can view outstanding invoices and submit a credit card payment. The payment is processed through the Merchant Account you linked to your CustomerHub account. The customer clicks on Pay Now to submit a payment for invoices with an balance due.


This links to the default Credit Cards page where the customer can view the credit cards associated with their Infusionsoft contact records and add a new card or update an existing card (e.g. billing address or expiration date.) The customer clicks on Update Card to edit billing or card information, or clicks on Add Credit Card to enter the information for a new credit card. 

UPDATES: When a customer adds a new Credit Card they can now "use this card for all active subscriptions" before adding. If the choose not to do this option hey will also be prompted to then select which subscription to apply that new Credit Card to. (see below)

Note: Customers are not able to delete credit cards.

View Subscriptions

This links to the default Subscriptions page where the customer can see a summary of their subscription programs, including the Start Date, Next Bill Date, Price, Cycle (e.g. 1 per month), and the Credit Card being autocharged. The customer is able to switch the card being billed.

View their Order History

This links to the Invoices page where the customer can view and print invoices. The customer clicks on View Invoice to see the invoice details, such as product(s) purchased, discounts, and previous payments applied. You can add a default Invoice Note (Settings > Account Settings) that is displayed on all invoices viewed through CustomerHub.

Account Pages

There are 3 additional Account Pages (Invoice, Subscriptions, and Credit Card). The purpose of these pages is described above. You are not able to edit the body content of these pages, but you can click on a page to edit the instructions displayed to your customers in the Right column of the page or to display the default right column instead.

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