When you launch your customer portal, you may want to batch assign passwords to all of your customers so they will be able to access the site without self-registering. You can batch register them as members, or register them as part of your automated billing follow-up process.

When CustomerHub registers members automatically, it generates a unique password for each member. If you batch assign passwords, you are responsible for assigning a unique password to each member. In this case, you may want to use their Contact ID number since each person record is assigned a unique ID and it is easy to populate the Contact ID into the Password field in Infusionsoft.

  1. Log into Infusionsoft and go to CRM > Contacts
  2. Enter the search criteria for the people who need passwords or select a Saved Search from the drop-down.
  3. Click on the Actions drop-down and Export the file to a .CSV file. Your export file must include the Contact ID and Password fields, but you may also want to include an email address. The email address is the CustomerHub username. If someone does not have an email address, you should contact them to request it.
  4. Edit the .CSV file and assign passwords in one of the following ways: a) Manually enter a unique password for each Contact ID, or b) Copy the IDs from the Contact ID column and paste them into the Password column so that the ID and Password are the same for each contact.
  5. Do an Update Import in Infusionsoft 🔗 to populate the Password Field for each contact on the list. Note: Your customers are able to customize their password through the View Profile link in your CustomerHub website. You can recommend they do this when you send an email telling them how to access the site.

Note: The passwords must contain at least 6 characters

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