You can create targeted product promotions to sell additional products or services to your CustomerHub members. The sale page or store is built within CustomerHub, and the order is processed by Infusionsoft.

If you are using your membership site to deliver "freemium" content to prospects, then it's possible that some of your members have never purchased anything from you.

You won't have a credit card on file for these members and cannot use the Action Link or a Web Form to create a one click order process in CustomerHub. These members must purchase and checkout through an Infusionsoft order form or the Infusionsoft Shopping Cart.

  • If you are using the Infusionsoft Storefront, you can link directly to it.
  • You can create a store or product page in Customer Hub and use the product links to create the order through the Infusionsoft Shopping Cart.
  • You can feature an individual product and link to an Infusionsoft Order Form or Product Link.
  • Provide exclusive promo codes for "members only" discounts.
  • Make sure you set up purchase actions on the Shopping Cart or Order Form so that the new customer's record will get updated.
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