The auto-login feature allows your customers to access CustomerHub through the click of a link; this makes it easier for your members and customers to login quickly without hunting for their login information.

You can insert the auto-login link into Infusionsoft emails to give your contacts one-click access to your CustomerHub portal. It also allows you to direct members and customers to a specific page in the site (e.g. a new course module) instead of the home page.

The link uses merge field s to pass the contact's email address and password to CustomerHub. It will look like this:
  • Replace "yourappname" with the name of your CustomerHub application
  • Replace "permalink" with the permalink for a specific page from CustomerHub.
  1. Log into CustomerHub
  2. Go to Pages
  3. Click on the edit button next to the page name (e.g. Course 1: Planning Your Copy)
  4. Click on the General Info tab and copy the permalink for the page. When the contact clicks on the link, the system will automatically populate the email address and password fields into the URL, log them into your CustomerHub account, and display the page you chose (via the permalink).

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