Take member engagement to the next level with the CustomerHub Facebook integration. Members can like, share, comment, even chat with other members. There are 3 main benefits:

  • Member Engagement & Retention: Facebook comments, activity feeds, and Live Stream drive engagement. These Facebook tools allow members to see what other members think about your content and the ideas it inspires. Your members contribute to the site value by enriching the content you provide. This type of interaction fosters relationships that motivate people to keep coming back.
  • Content Assessment: The Facebook Comments, Facepile, and Sharing tools allow you to assess your content. You'll be able to see how many of your members promote you on Facebook as well as get their feedback about the content they are consuming. The feedback allows you to assess and improve site content or get ideas for adding new content.
  • Promote & Grow: The Facebook Sharing, Comments and Activity Feed tools can post comments to your members' Facebook wall. This increases your reach by making your CustomerHub content visible to your members' friends. When a Facebook Friend who is not a member clicks the link, they can find out more about your membership program and sign up! This is a low-cost marketing channel that taps into the power of friend recommendations and social exposure.

Complete the following instructions to integrate Facebook:

  1. Login to CustomerHub and go to Admin > Integrations
  2. Click the more info link under the Facebook section
  3. Complete Steps 1 - 4 to setup your Facebook integration.

Step 1 - Signup or Login to Facebook

  1. Login to Facebook as the person you want to moderate comments
  2. Go to Settings > Add-Ons
  3. Click on the more info link. This will open a new browser tab. Keep both tabs open as you will be copying information between them.
  4. Enter your Facebook ID. To obtain your Facebook ID, sign into Facebook and click on your name. Your Facebook ID is the last part of the URL. (https://www.facebook.com/user.name)
    Pro tip: If you have more than one administrator, you can enter multiple Facebook IDs separated by commas.

Step 2 - Create a Facebook App

  1. Create a Facebook App and click on the click here link to go to the Facebook Developers site and create a Facebook App.
  2. Click on the Register as a Developer button.
  3. Click Continue
  4. Choose a category for your app or just click the Skip button.
  5. Click the Add a New App button.
  6. Follow the Facebook creation steps

Step 3 - Provide the following information below

  1. Once the app has been created navigate to the apps dashboard page.
  2. On the left navigation click Settings > Basic
  3. Locate the App ID and App Secret fields
  4. Copy the App ID and App Secret and paste these codes into the CustomerHub integration fields.

Step 4 - Facebook Page URL

  1. Enter the URL for your Facebook Business Page (not personal profile.) The "Likes" you receive through CustomerHub will be attributed to this page.

Step 5 - Provide redirect URL

  1. Enter a redirect URL This is the page that non-members will see when they click on a membership site link that members share on Facebook. These non-members are good prospects since they've expressed an interest in a topic related to your membership program. This redirect URL should go to a signup page where that person can learn more about your membership program and enroll in it.

  1. Click on Enable This add-on
  2. Switch back to the Facebook app setup page. Click on the Website with Facebook Login and enter your CustomerHub URL.
  3. Click on Save Changes

This completes the setup process. You can now add Facebook features to your CustomerHub Pages and Partials and moderate the interactions through Facebook.

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