Install a pre-made campaign with the HTTP post option already setup. Click here

Manual setup steps:

  1. Create a new or edit an existing Infusionsoft campaign
  2. Add a new sequence and double-click to edit
  3. Drag a new Send HTTP Post process on to the sequence canvas from the tools menu
  4. Double click to configure
  5. Add the following URL to the POST URL field:
  6. Replace "APPNAME" with the name of your CustomerHub app
  7. By default there will be a Contact ID (~Contact.Id~) Name and Value pair already added.
  8. To complete the configuration we will need to add additional Name and Value pairs. See screenshot below. Note: The field Name and Value pairs are case sensitive.
  9. Email = ~Contact.Email~ (required)
  10. FirstName = ~Contact.FirstName~ (optional)
  11. LastName = ~Contact.LastName~ (optional)
  12. Phone1 = ~Contact.Phone1~ (optional)

You can add additional automation after the HTTP post process, such as a welcome email and tags that give them permission to view pages.


The HTTP post will auto generate a password (if one does not already exist) for the new member and store it in the password field located on the 'Additional Info' tab of a contact. When sending a welcome email, don't forget to merge the contacts password into the email.

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