This campaign consists of 2 stages. The first stage enables the free trial and gives the customer temporary Customerhub access. The second stage, updates the customer to a "paying membership" status in CustomerHub IF they buy.

Register for Free Trial

This goal is the main entry point of the campaign and can be a landing page, tag goal, etc. 

Free Trial sequence

If a prospect has NEVER done this free trial they will enter this sequence and be added to your CustomerHub.

Already Took Free Trial sequence

If a prospect has done this free trial in the past they will be filtered to this sequence and be notified that they already have had a trial. They are then encouraged to buy the full membership.

Purchase Membership goal

This goal will be triggered when your membership subscription is purchased.

Apply Paid Membership Tags

After the purchase goal is achieved the customer will enter this sequence and the proper tags will be applied and removed to allow your new customer to have "full" access to your site.

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