Now that the "Add to CustomerHub" sequence process has been removed from the Campaign toolbar there are two options to get that process into a new or existing campaign sequence.

Option 1 - Install Customerhub campaigns from the Infusionsoft MarketPlace

Go to the Infusionsoft Marketplace and search for "CustomerHub" campaigns.

There are 4 campaigns available to install:

  1. Add New Members to CustomerHub
  2. Add Paid Members to CustomerHub
  3. Add to CustomerHub (Sequence Process Only)
  4. Convert Free Trials to Membership with CustomerHub

Once installed, all of these campaigns have the "Add to CustomerHub" process.

Option 2 - Copy the "Add to CustomerHub" process from an existing campaign

NOTE: THIS OPTION WILL REPLACE ALL CONTENT THAT IS IN THE SEQUENCE YOU ARE COPYING TO. If you have content (ie. emails) you would like to preserve, make a duplicate of the sequence prior to these steps. 

If you already have a working campaign that registers customers to your CustomerHub, you can easily copy that sequence to a new or existing campaign.

  1. Open the campaign that needs the "Add to CustomerHub" process
  2. Create a new sequence or open an existing one.
  3. Locate the Actions menu in the top right corner of the screen
  4. Click "Copy from Campaign..."
  5. Locate the campaign and then the sequence you would like to copy

Now you have the "Add to CustomerHub" process in a new sequence and you can build out the rest of your automation.

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