A '409 (conflict)' notice means the HTTP post or Add To CustomerHub campaign process ran into an issue when attempting to add a contact to CustomerHub. 

To troubleshoot this error Click "open" to view the full error message.

Scenario 1 - Duplicate emails

CustomerHub does not allow duplicate emails to exist.

Steps to fix this error:
In many cases when this error occurs there is a duplicate contact record in your Infusionsoft database. Simply identify the duplicates and merge the records. Once the duplicates are merged no further action is required. The existing CustomerHub member record will update any new tag or subscription permissions from the merged contacts. To Learn more about managing duplicates, click here

Scenario 2 - An Email Address is Required

To add a contact to CustomerHub the only required piece of contact data is an email address. 

Steps to fix this error:
When using an HTTP post, make sure the email address Name and Value pairs equals this: Email = ~Contact.Email~. Once you have fixed your HTTP post, publish the campaign and re-post that failed step for that contact. If everything is configured correctly, the step should process and successfully add the contact to your CustomerHub.

Scenario 3 - Incorrect app name on the HTTP post '302 (Moved Temporarily)'

Steps to fix this error:
Make sure you have configured the correct spelling of your CustomerHub appname in the HTTP post URL field.

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