Note: This is an advanced styling technique, we recommend some knowledge of HTML and CSS.

Step 1 - Google Fonts

  1. Go to
  2. Browse to find your desired font
  3. Click the plus symbol next to the font to add it to your list
  4. Open the font list window (bottom of page)
  5. Copy the text in the red highlight boxes 1 and 2 for later use.

Step 2 - CustomerHub implementation

  • Go to Admin > Themes
  • Edit the theme and click on the javascript tab
  • Paste the following code (snippet 1)
<link href="" rel="stylesheet">
  • Now click on the stylesheet tab and add some code like this.
  font-family: 'UnifrakturCook', cursive!important;

In the above example we specify that ALL h1 text will be the new font. This can be any font style you want, just specify it the CSS code.

Note: I added a !important to the end of the added font CSS code to make sure that takes precedence.

  • Save and publish the theme
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