When you need to securely deliver documents for specific members or clients use our 1:1 file sharing.

How do I upload documents for specific members?

  • Log in to your CustomerHub account
  • Go to Members
  • Click on the specific member name
  1. Click files tab
  2. Upload member files
  3. Manage privately uploaded, member specific files: Send a notification OR Delete
  4. Download files that your members have uploaded

How do my members view/download or upload files?

When a member logs in to their specific account they can find a link to documents under the members profile link. The file upload option is OFF by default. To enable this option go to Admin > Application Settings > Allow Member Uploads > "On" > click save

  1. You members will log in and click "My filebox"
  2. IF the upload setting is enabled your members can upload a file. (max file size 500mb)
  3. Filter and search uploaded files and files shared with members.
  4. Files uploaded by members can only be deleted. Files shared with members can be downloaded.

When a file is uploaded a notification will be sent to your notification email. This is configured via Admin > Application settings. In addition to being notified you can trigger automation when a file is uploaded - learn more

How do I notify my member there is a new file available?

After uploading a new member file, click the "Notify Member" button to send your member a simple email notification that conveniently links to the file download.

The file link will "auto log-in" the member to their account so they can easily download the file. 

NOTE: For security purposes the auto log-in link will expire after two weeks.

Example of Notification Email

PRO TIP: The direct URL to the members Filebox is:


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