You can modify your CustomerHub site favicon by adding the following custom code to your current theme. 

Step 1: Upload favicon 

NOTE: recommended Favicon image size is 16x16 pixels

Step 2: Copy image URL

  • After your favicon image has been uploaded, click image name link to edit
  • Right+click image thumbnail and select "copy image address"
  • Save URL for later use

Step 3: Add the Javascript

  • Add the below javascript code to your themes javascript tab
  • Paste the image URL from Step 2 into the code. (replace [IMAGE URL] with link)
  • Save and Publish theme

NOTE: Due to limitations this will NOT change the favicon on the login screen but will change it for all other pages.


function change_favicon(img) {
    var favicon = document.querySelector('link[rel="shortcut icon"]');
    if (!favicon) {
        favicon = document.createElement('link');
        favicon.setAttribute('rel', 'shortcut icon');
        var head = document.querySelector('head');
    favicon.setAttribute('type', 'image/png');
    favicon.setAttribute('href', img);

change_favicon('[IMAGE URL]');

Example Javascript with image URL:

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