Frequently Asked Questions about The Next Generation of CustomerHub

When will the New CustomerHub be available?

We will launch the New CustomerHub before the end of 2020. The exact date will be announced in the coming weeks. Join the pre-launch list to stay informed on the details.

Can I upgrade my existing application?

Yes. We'll provide a path for you to upgrade to the New CustomerHub if you choose to do so. Current customers will also receive upgrade support, special pricing, and other unique benefits..

How much will it cost?

Pricing will be announced at launch. Existing customers will be eligible to upgrade at their current paid subscription rates. We recommend joining our pre-launch list to qualify for special early-bird pricing and other incentives.

Can I keep using my existing application?

Absolutely! Upgrading to the new platform will be optional. You can continue using your current application for as long as you want. We will continue to maintain the software to ensure it runs smoothly for as long as you'd like to use it.

Why did you create a new platform?

CustomerHub has served thousands of loyal customers and partners over the past ten years. While we honor our history and accomplishments, a new platform was necessary in order to achieve our vision and more powerfully serve our customers moving forward.

Do I need a Keap or Infusionsoft account to use the New CustomerHub?

No. While we will continue to offer industry-leading integrations with Keap and Infusionsoft, these will not be required to use the new platform. The New CustomerHub may also be used with other apps or as a standalone product.

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