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User management (general)

Manage your CustomerHub users

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Check out the short video regarding managing users.

User login tracking

Find out which users are accessing your site with login tracking on the admin dashboard, user list, and user record.

User list:

User record:

Note: The login date and time is based on your local browser's time setting. The Users IP address is tracked based on the users local device IP address. Tracking the IP address is subject to the users tracking permissions. Some IPs may not be collected due to Ad Blockers and VPN or DNS services used by the user. In this scenario the IP address will display as: { "ip_address": null } or { "ip_address": "not captured" }

How to invite new test user:

How do I add new users to CustomerHub from another system?

  1. Connect CustomerHub to the other system using a connector.

  2. Create a product

  3. Apply that new product tag to your contacts in the other system**.

  4. A secure password email will be sent to the user by CustomerHub immediately.

How do I remove a user's access to a product?

  • Remove the product from the user record in CustomerHub OR tag from the contact in the other system.**

How does CustomerHub sync data changes to a user's name or email?

  • We do a bi-directional sync of any changes to a users name, email, and/or product access**.

** Syncing user data from a system to CustomerHub may take up to 3-5 mins. Syncing data from CustomerHub to other systems is immediate.
โ€‹Sync is based on email address ONLY. If you have duplicate contacts in your CRM we sync with the first contact with a matching email.

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