PRODUCTS are where you create and organize all your content. To quickly get started, select one of our product templates. These templates act as the blueprint to quickly build and organize your content. Learn More about product types

Step 1: Add a product

  1. Go PRODUCTS from the side menu

  2. Click the blue add icon button

  3. Select a product template that fits your goal

  4. Give it a name and short description

Step 2: Edit / Manage product pages

Step 3: Product setting - Learn More

1) Image

  • These images will display on your user site's library page.

2) Name and description

  • User facing product name and description.

3) Product categories

  • Your site's library page will determine what category your users can filter by to view this product.

4) Teaser URL

  • IF a user does not have access to a product AND the teaser is enabled, this URL will redirect the user to learn more about your product and potentially buy access. Typically this is a URL to a landing page or order form hosted by other systems like WordPress or Keap.

5) How do you want this product delivered?

  • Immediate - all pages are immediately available

  • User advanced - new pages unlock when users complete the previous page

  • Time-delayed - pages unlock on a predetermined timer schedule

6) Advanced

Set to live mode

  • Toggle this on to make this product live for your users.

Enable product menu

  • This adds a side menu to all product pages

Enable member progress tracking

  • Toggle this feature on to add an option for your users to make a page complete.

  • This will also add a checkmark and allow your users to keep track of their progress

Hide teaser

  • Toggle this feature on to show the product in the library. This will show a locked ICON and adds a link to a sales/landing page (see Teaser URL)

7) Connector Data

  • Parameters needed to run automation and/or sync data with the connected app.

How do I bundle products together?

  • Memberships or Product Bundles allow you to group together products and give access to all under one access level.

How do I give users access to a Product?

  • Apply the product tag in your CRM (must have connector added) OR add the product to the user record under the permissions section. See User Management

How do I preview a product?

  • Preview is coming soon. In the meantime, just log in as a user that has access to that product.

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