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Standard Product Templates

What product type do you need?

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When you choose a Standard Product Template, it automatically generates a set of pages that are tailored to the product's intended use. You have the option to add or remove pages based on your specific requirements. Our product templates make it simpler than ever to create courses, video training, and other materials.

To view available Standard Product Templates, click the blue “ADD PRODUCT” button and select the “Standard Product” option.

Standard Product Template Details

It's important to note that these templates can be customized by adding or removing pages and adjusting settings in the settings tab.

Online Course

Create an online course with user-advanced lesson delivery, progress tracking, and more. This product is ideal for delivering mixed multimedia content and documents, while also tracking user progress automatically. 7 Page templates included:

  • Course Overview

  • Lesson 1

  • Lesson 2

  • Lesson 3

  • Lesson 4

  • Lesson 5

  • Course Summary

Webinar Replay

Provide users with a downloadable version of a webinar recording along with supporting materials. 1 Page template included:

  • Video

Digital Download

Deliver a single digital product that can be easily downloaded to a mobile device or computer. 1 Page template included:

  • Download

Training Video

Upload a single training video that can be viewed on demand and completed when watched. 1 Page template included:

  • Video

Drip Series

Create a series of videos and other content that unlock based on a pre-set schedule. 5 Page template included:

  • Video 1

  • Video 2

  • Video 3

  • Video 4

  • Video 5

Audio Program

Create a single audio program that can be consumed and completed individually. 1 Page template included:

  • Audio

Start from scratch

Go to town, baby!

PRO TIP: Explore all our page templates to help you quickly create your Products. Including:

  • Welcome

  • Course Overview

  • Course Summary

  • Download Series

  • Video Sris

  • Audio

  • Video / Lesson

  • Section

  • Download

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