February 25, 2021

New features

  • Product Sections - Understand the purpose and learn how to create and manage sections.
  • Admin invites - Learn how to invite a new admin to your CustomerHub account

Quality of Life Improvements

  • Multi-media upload optimization to improve upload and encoding speeds
  • Navigation Page issue fixed - see known issues

February 1, 2021

Quality of Life Improvements

  • File download block title and description now update immediately
  • Keap Connector is now syncing basic user data correctly
  • User site page is now accessible while attached video is uploading or encoding
  • Manually creating a user does not display system error
  • Button links are now working on the user side when you attach a product or External URL
  • Buttons are now displaying in builder and update according to style: primary, secondary, or accent colors from your theme.
  • Adding a new page to a product will not cause pages to randomly be out of order

December 22, 2020

  • Get Started - updated design of the Get Started page
  • Builder - implemented a variety of usability improvements to make the builder experience more intuitive and responsive
  • Navigation - new feature allows you to create top navigation links to pages, products, external urls and more learn more
  • Connectors - added placeholders for connectors coming soon
  • App Settings - new page allows you to change app name
  • Bug fixes - miscellaneous bug fixes and performance enhancements
  • Open beta - added beta label and made the product available for web visitors

Beta Known Issues

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