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CustomerHub Dashboard
CustomerHub Dashboard

Track key metrics about your CustomerHub

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What is the Admin Dashboard?

The admin dashboard is a feature within CustomerHub that displays important metrics and data related to your app. It is designed to give you a quick and easy way to monitor the performance of your app and make informed decisions about its management.

Accessing the Admin Dashboard

To access the admin dashboard, simply log into your CustomerHub account and click on the "Admin Dashboard" tab. This will take you to the main dashboard page where you can view all of your app's key metrics.

Using the Admin Dashboard to Make Informed Decisions

The admin dashboard is a valuable tool for making informed decisions about your app. By regularly monitoring the metrics on your dashboard, you can identify areas of improvement and make necessary changes to optimize your app's performance.

For example, if you notice a decrease in engagement on your dashboard, you can use this information to adjust your content strategy and increase member engagement. Or, if you see a spike in new members, you can analyze the data to determine what marketing efforts are working and continue to drive growth for your app.


The admin dashboard is an essential feature of CustomerHub that provides a high-level overview of your app's performance. By understanding the widgets and using the data to make informed decisions, you can effectively manage and grow your app. Log into your CustomerHub account today to explore the admin dashboard and start optimizing your app's performance.

The dashboard tracks the following (30 days rolling period):

  • Total Users

  • Total unique user logins (30 days rolling period)

  • % of Active users (Active user is determined by recent log in)

  • Videos watched

  • Pages completes

  • Products completed

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