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What is a Collection?

A Collection is a type of Product that can grant an end user access to one or more Standard Products. This can be used to simplify and streamline your sales funnel and offer package deals.

Step 1: Creating a New Collection

1. Go to the PRODUCTS page from the side menu

2. Click the blue “+” Button

3. Select the Collections Option (You can click here for more information on Standard Products)

4. Select a Collection Template That suits your Goal

Step 2: Manage the Collection Settings

To access your Collection’s settings, click on the settings tab under the name of your new Collection.

From here you can customize the Name and Description of your Collection, manage when your end users will be able to see this Collection’sproduct card, select what Standard Products to include in this Collection, and much more. Whatever Standard Products are selected on this page will be shown in the content tab of the Collection and can be managed and organized similar to how pages can be organized in a Standard Product.

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Step 3: Manage your Collection’s Content

To manage your Collection’s Content, click on the Content tab. This is also the page you will arrive at by default when you first access your Collection to edit it. In the Content tab, there are 3 types of objects: Pages, Standard Products, and Sections.

The order of your content can be re-arranged by clicking and dragging it by the grips on the left of its content bar.

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  • New pages are added by clicking the blue “+” icon in the top right.

  • Edit a page by clicking on the pages name or selecting edit from the “More” menu - Learn more about the page editor

  • The “More” menu on the right offers several options

  • Edit - Access to the page editor

  • Unpublish/Publish - Alternates the page’s status between “Live” and “Draft”

  • Duplicate - Creates a copy of the page

  • Save as template - Creates a Page template in the “Templates” section of the admin (Learn more about Page Templates)

  • Delete - Irrecoverably destroys the page

Standard Products

After you have added Standard Products to your Collection from the Settings tab, they will be identifiable by the Cube symbol on the left of their content bar.

Clicking on “More” at the far right of a Standard Product’s content bar will show two options:

  • Edit - goes to the Standard Product’s content tab where you can organize its content and access its Settings tab.

NOTE: The end user experience may be different when they access a Standard Product through a Collection vs when they access it directly (from the Library, a direct link, etc). When accessed through the Collection, the Collections settings for Delivery Type and for the “Enable user progress tracking” setting will be used. Otherwise, those options will be determined by what is set in the Standard Product’s settings.

  • Duplicate - Creates a copy of the Standard Product the same as if ti was duplicated from the admin Products tab, but also adds the copy to the Collection

  • Adding and Removing Standard Products must be done in the Collection’s Settings

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