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How to use Collections templates

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How to Create a Collection

Navigate to the Products tab, click the blue β€œ+” icon in the top right, and select Collection.

Click here to learn more about the difference between Standard Products and Collections.

Select a Collection Template

The Collection template generates pages tailored to the product's intended use, similar to Standard Product templates.

NOTE: This article outlines the default settings for each template. For more information on how these settings affect your end users' experience, click here.


Deliver posts, products, and other content to subscribed members via an optimal success path.

This Collection Template contains:

  • 1 Course Overview page

  • 1 Resources page

Product Bundle

Deliver a collection of products packaged together in a singular streamlined experience.

This Collection Template contains:

  • 1 Course Overview page

  • 1 Resources page

Group Coaching

Deliver posts, recorded coaching sessions, and more to your group coaching clients.

This Collection Template contains:

  • Resources section

    • Welcome page

  • Coaching archive section

    • Coaching session 1

    • Coaching session 2

    • Coaching session 3

All Access Pass

This template is for all of your top-tier members! Provide unlimited access to all published products and other site content.

This Collection Template contains:

  • 1 Welcome Page

  • Your entire product library


Launch a 30-day challenge and provide daily content to support participants in their journey.

This Collection Template contains:

  • 30 Daily video pages for each day of your challenge.


Grant access to a series of podcast episodes in a single, searchable archive.

This Collection Template contains:

  • 1 Podcast video page

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