What is a Product?

A product is an item that is used to control what parts of your site, your end users can see. Any end user can log into your site. Once they have logged in, then any pages in the navigation bar will be available for them to see including the Library, but in order to access pages within a product, they must have access to that specific product.

There are two types of products that you can create which serve different purposes within your CustomerHub application: Single Products and Collections.

What is the difference between Standard Products and Collections?

Standard Product

The majority of Products in CustomerHub are Standard Products. In its simplest expression, a product is a series of pages, in a specific order. It also allows you to control which users have access to those pages.


A Collection functions similarly to a Standard Product in many ways with one key difference: You can include Single Products in a Collection. This allows you to control an end user's permissions for a number of products at once. When used correctly, you can use a Collection to turn a series of products into a carefully guided user experience.

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