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User Comments

This article explains how to enable and moderate User comments.

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Encourage User Engagement

Build a stronger community across your CustomerHub site by fostering User engagement via comments. πŸ’¬ πŸŽ‰ With comments, your Users can engage with one another on Products and Posts.

Users can click "Comments" on any product page to start the conversation.

Users can reply and/or "like" 🩷 existing comment threads to keep the conversation going.

Users can click the "Comments" icon on Posts to start the conversation.

Users can reply and/or "like" 🩷 Post comments to keep the conversation going.

Moderating Comments

As an Admin you have the following moderation options for comments and replies:

  • Comment

  • Reply

  • Like

  • Edit (an edited comment/reply will say it was modified by the admin)

  • Delete


You can enable comments on products by turning on 'Enable comments' toggle in Advanced Settings (in the Settings tab) for any product:

Once enabled, all pages in the product will automatically display comments by default and a comment indicator will now display for each page listed in the Content tab.

Comments can also be disabled on a page-by-page basis by selecting the "Disable Comments" option in the kebab menu.

Once disabled for a given page, the page will display a disabled comments indicator.

All comments for a product will display on the Comments tab on the product.

Comments can also be filtered by page/lesson by selecting the filter dropdown.

To add a comment as an Admin, click the New Comment button, select the page where you would like to add a comment, and then click 'Create'.

Comments or replies made by an Admin are denoted by a light blue background color.

Admins can edit, like, reply, or delete a specific comment by clicking on the corresponding buttons or kebab menu on each comment.


Comments are enabled on an individual post basis from the content section of each post.

Post comments are enabled by default when creating new posts.

Comments on posts will display in the comments tab for each post and can be managed in all of the same ways as listed above for products.

Main Comments page

All comments made throughout your CustomerHub site will display and can be managed from the main Comments page in the admin nav.

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