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Keap Connector Setup
Keap Connector Setup

Sync your user data with Keap

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Connectors are used to sync data with your existing business tools and CustomerHub. With our Keap** connector we make it easier than ever to:

  • Give existing or new Keap contacts access to CustomerHub

  • Run automation based on User Activity

Get started

  1. Click go to Settings > Connectors in the side menu

  2. Click Connect to start the process

  3. Click Connect again to continue

  4. Log in to your Keap account

  5. Select the Keap app in the drop-down

  6. Click “Allow” (This securely gives API access permission between Keap and CustomerHub)

  7. Done

Once CustomerHub is connected, we automatically create a corresponding Keap tag for all CustomerHub products. Go to Product settings and see the tag name and ID under the Connector data section. Simply apply that product-specific tag to a contact in Keap to add them to CustomerHub and give them access. No special campaign sequence steps are required.

Activity triggers

When an activity is enabled, CustomerHub can send API posts to notify your Keap application regarding various user activities occurring in your CustomerHub site. This can be used to trigger advanced automation using API Goals in the Keap campaign builder.

Important: Please do not enable it unless you have properly configured the corresponding API goals in Keap.

Activity triggers using API Goals:

To enable Activity triggers go to Settings > Connectors > Click the 3 dots menu for Keap and click Options. Scroll down to see the Activity Automation and enable the desired activity. Don't forget to SAVE.

Activity automation will specify the API Call Name for each activity. For Activities that also require a {Simple Id} you can find that in the Multimedia Library, Product settings > under connector data, and individual Page settings.

In the following examples, we will demonstrate how to trigger automation when a user logs in and watches a specific video.

Pro Tip: The API goal Integration field is always set to: customerhub

User login configuration

Integration = customerhub
Call Name = UserLogin

Every time a User logs in, this activity API goal will be triggered. This is a great way to track # of logins and/or send a welcome email.

User watches a specific video

Integration = customerhub

Call Name = UserVideoWatcheda614ac9e

Every time a User watches a specific video, this activity API goal will be triggered.

Pro Tip: The video and audio activity is triggered immediately after a user clicks Play. (There is no minimum watch or listen time required)

Manage Connector setup

Click the 3 dots menu to disconnect or reconnect.

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens when I delete a product from CustomerHub?

  • The associated tag that was created will remain applied to contacts in Keap so you have a history of that data.

Can I use existing tags in Keap for product access? OR What if I create a CustomerHub product and it has the same name as an existing tag in Keap?

  • When you connect CustomerHub to Keap, we will create a product access tag. However, IF a tag already exists and has the same name as a Product, we will use that tag for syncing and update the category to "CustomerHub".

What happens if I delete the product-specific tag in Keap that was created by CustomerHub?

Does renaming a tag or product break the “sync” connection?

  • No, when a product is renamed, we update the tag in Keap. when a tag is renamed, we continue to sync that tag. We recommend that you do not edit any tags created and associated with CustomerHub products.

Does my existing Keap automation work? What changes do I need to make?

  • Yes and no. The new automation for CustomerHub has been simplified and streamlined. Now you just apply a tag connected to your product and you’re done. For classic CustomerHub users, you no longer need a special campaign sequence step to add a new user.

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