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Last updated: Dec 22, 2022 (12:30am EST)

Products appear locked to ALL end users

Issue Details

Temporary Workaround

Even when an end user has access to a product, product cards with Purchase URLs appear with the Lock icon.

Option 1) Remove the purchase URL until the fix is released and completed.

Option 2)

  1. Go to Theme (from the gear in the bottom Left)

  2. In the very top left, click on the "Themes" hyperlink

  3. Find the "Motivate" Theme card and click "Edit"

  4. Save your theme (blue button) and wait for it to finish

  5. Publish your Theme (green button)

  6. Wait for it to finish, then log out and log back in as an end user

Product Content Menu is not showing

Issue Details

Temporary Workaround

As an end user, clicking on a product does not show the side content menu on the right hand side

  1. Access the product as an admin and go to the product's settings

  2. Unpublish the product and disable the Product Content Menu

  3. Save the product

  4. Re-publish the product and Re-enable the Product Content menu

  5. Test by logging in as an end user (log out as said end user if you haven't already)

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