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How does CustomerHub work?
How does CustomerHub work?

Get a high level overview of CustomerHub.

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CustomerHub automatically creates a password-protected, hosted website for your digital products, including all of the complex technology behind it. This includes a login page, a product library page, and tailored experiences for each of your digital products.

It also provides best-practice templates so you can create online courses, membership sites, and other digital products like a pro. All you have to do is select a template, add your content, and publish your product!

Your products are then dynamically added to your site and ready for your customers.

You’ll get a beautiful design and advanced features like progress tracking, drip content delivery and more without investing a significant amount of time and money learning how to do it.

Once you make a sale using a connected system, CustomerHub automatically creates a login for your customers so they can access the products they’ve purchased.

CustomerHub makes managing your knowledge business a breeze by giving you the ability to easily manage your users, add new products, or update your theme design in just a few clicks.

Create a beautiful and user-friendly experience your customers will love and an online business that's easy to manage and grow with CustomerHub!

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