Connectors are used to sync data with your existing business tools and CustomerHub. With our Active Campaign connector we make it easier than ever to:

  • Give existing or new Active Campaign contacts access to CustomerHub

  • Run automation based on User activity

To get started:

  1. Go to Settings > Connectors in the side menu

  2. Click Connect on the Active Campaign Connector to start the process.

  3. Add your Active Campaign API details (continue to step 4)

  4. Log in to your Active Campaign app and go to Settings > Developer

  5. Copy the URL and Key from the API Access section

  6. Add those details to the Connector in the CustomerHub fields

  7. Click CONNECT

  8. Done

Once CustomerHub is connected, the following events occurs:

  • We automatically create corresponding Active Campaign tags for all CustomerHub products.

  • All Users in CustomerHub are added to Active Campaign and the associated tags.

  • A new List is created in Active Campaign and all existing and future CustomerHub users will be added to that list.

What happens when I delete a product from CustomerHub?

  • We automatically cleanup all data by deleting the associated product tag in Active Campaign.

What if I create a CustomerHub product and it has the same name as an existing tag in Active Campaign?

  • We create a new tag and append “- duplicate” to that newly linked tag.

What happens if I delete the product specific tag that was created by CustomerHub?

  • Reconnect your connection to create a new synced tag.

Does renaming a tag or product break the “sync” connection?

  • No, when a product is renamed, we update the tag in Active Campaign. When a tag is renamed, we continue to sync that tag. We recommend that you do not edit any tags created and associated with CustomerHub products.

Can I use my existing Active Campaign automation with CustomerHub?

  • Yes, just add a new action to an automation and Add a tag associated to your CustomerHub product and you’re done.

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