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User permissions & access

Learn how to manually or automatically gave a user access.

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In this guide we will review how to:

  1. Manually give a user access

  2. Automate user access

  3. Automatically notify a user when they have access

1. Manually give a user access to CustomerHub

  • Go to Users

  • Click the blue Add icon in the top right

  • Enter Name and Email

  • Click CREATE

Now that your User is created, manually select products you wish to give access to via the Product Access drop down. Don't forget to SAVE when making any product access changes.

2. Automate a users access to CustomerHub

Automating a users access requires a CustomerHub connector. If you use Keap or Active Campaign, you can automatically add a new customer or prospect using your existing sales and marketing follow-up (ie. campaigns or automations). Just apply the product specific tag and CustomerHub does the rest. To learn more, check out the specific connector guides below.

3. Automatically notify a user when they get product access.

CustomerHub knows how valuable first impressions and on going customer support is for creating loyal, happy customers. We make it easier than ever to notify your new and existing users when they get product access.

When you give a User product access manually or via automation, CustomerHub will send a Product Specific email AND/OR a Generic New User email.

NOTE: If the user is new to CustomerHub we will prompt them to create a new password. Existing users will automatically be logged in when they click the email link and taken directly to the product the notice is referencing.

Product Specific Emails

By default, each product will send an email to your new or existing user when they get access.

PRO TIP: For each product a user is given access to,
an access email will be sent.

To disable a product sending access notifications go to that specific Product Settings tab and disable the Access email setting. Click SAVE when complete.

Generic New User Email

By default, the generic new user email is disabled** and is ONLY sent for newly created users IF its enabled. Existing users will only get the Product Specific Emails for each product that has notifications enabled.

Branding the Access Emails

To add a logo to the User Access emails. Go to Settings > Brand Center and add a logo for your access emails.

Can I edit the access emails sent to users?

At this time you can not edit the email. However you can edit the REPLY TO: email address. Go to Settings > App Settings > Support Email Address

Generic email example

Product specific email example

NOTE: Product specific emails include the Product name in the subject and body of the email.

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