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Integrating Shopify with CustomerHub
Integrating Shopify with CustomerHub

Use Zapier to integrate your favorite checkout system with CustomerHub.

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CustomerHub makes it fast and easy to create a professional membership site. We also seamlessly connect to your existing checkout to make collecting payment for your membership just as easy.

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Shopify is a popular e-commerce platform that offers multiple options for selling products online. In this guide, we will explain two methods to use Shopify for selling access to your membership site.

Integrate Shopify and CustomerHub via Zapier

Method 1: Shopify Checkout links

A Shopify checkout link is a way to create a checkout experience for your customers. When a customer clicks the link, it takes them to a checkout with the selected product, where they can complete the transaction.

You can embed checkout links in webpages as regular links or buttons or share them with directly with customers. You can share the link in email campaigns, social media posts, or chat messages. The same link is reusable and creates a new checkout for each customer. (Source: Shopify Checkout links)

Follow these instructions to create your Shopify Checkout links. Once you create a link you can add it to your sales pages for new customers OR add it to a CustomerHub Product teaser URL for existing Users.

Method 2: Shopify Buy Button

Buy Buttons helps you add your products to your external website and blog posts. They also make purchasing the products easier for customers by removing the need to go to a separate page to finalize their order.

A Buy Button is like a shortcut for buying one of your products. You can place Buy Buttons on your non-Shopify website or blog. Buy Buttons can show product pictures, descriptions, and prices, all while letting customers purchase products without leaving the website. (Source: Shopify Buy Button)

The Buy Buttons can then be used on any CustomerHub page using this embed method here. when you get the embed code for the Buy Button use the code component on the CustomerHub page builder.

Connect Shopify to CustomerHub via Zapier

Now that you have a Shopify Checkout Link or Buy Button created you need to automate the purchase fulfillment using Zapier, which will sync data between CustomerHub and Shopify.

To get set up quickly use the Shopify + CustomerHub Zapier template. Just follow the Zapier setup wizard and you're all set! πŸ‘ This will add new Shopify customers to CustomerHub and grant access to their digital product or course.

Integrate Shopify and CustomerHub via Stripe or PayPal

This option syncs data between the payment collection system instead of Shopify. For example, you can natively integrate payment platforms like Stripe or PayPal with Shopify and the customer data added to CustomerHub comes from Stripe or PayPal.

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