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Connectors Overview
Connectors Overview

How to automate enrollment, payments, and activity triggers for your site members

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How to access Connectors

Connectors are the main way for you to automate permissions and accepting payments in your CustomerHub application.

To manage your Connectors, click the gear in the bottom left and select "Connectors."

How do Connectors work?

Connectors are the way to make money automatically with CustomerHub! If you want to make money in your sleep, then you want to set up a connector! You only need one, but how do you decide which one to use?

Each Connector has its own strengths and specialties. Keap and ActiveCampaign are both CRMs that can be used to manage your whole sales funnel. From the first time a lead hears about your business, to building rapport with your future customer, to when they make their first purchase, all the way to upselling and offering ongoing subscriptions. Zapier allows you to build your own interactions between CustomerHub and numerous other web applications from PayPal and Stripe, all the way to MailChimp and many more. If all you want is to connect to CustomerHub to Stripe so it will handle signups and cancelations, then Zapier is an affordable option to do that.

Once you've chosen a connector, you'll be able to create Automations based on Activities tracked in CustomerHub. The activities you can track in CustomerHub are:

  • User Login - Sends a trigger whenever a member of your site logs in.

  • User Created - Sends a trigger whenever a new member is added to CustomerHub.

  • User Activate - Whenever a member logs in after crossing the inactivity threshold. *

  • User Inactive - Whenever a member doesn't log in for long enough to cross the inactivity threshold. *

  • User Video Watched - Whenever a member watches (clicks play) a video. **

  • User Audio Listened - Whenever a member listens to an audio file. **

  • User File Downloaded - Whenever a member downloads a file. **

  • User Page Completed - Whenever a member clicks the checkmark in the progress tracker.

  • User Product Access Granted - Whenever a member gains access to a Product or a Collection

  • User Product Access Removed - Whenever a member loses access to a Product or a Collection.

  • User Product Completed - Whenever a member clicks the checkmark on every page of a product.

*The "inactivity threshold" is a number of consecutive days that you can customize in your Application Settings

**These will only send a trigger if the file being tracked is uploaded to CustomerHub. Video, audio, and download files that are embedded into your CustomerHub site from other services will not be tracked.


CustomerHub has its origins with Keap. In fact, the first version of the CustomerHub software was built as an add on to Keap instead of the standalone product we know and love today.

Once you connect Keap to your CustomerHub application, every product you create in CustomerHub will also create a tag in Keap. Then you can grant and remove access to products by adding and removing those tags in Keap! Learn More: Keap Connector


This CRM is a great option for building your mailing list and an online store to sell your CustomerHub courses from.

Much like the Keap connector, once you've connected ActiveCampaign to your CustomerHub app site, CustomerHub will automatically create a tag in ActiveCampaign for each product you have made in CustomerHub. You will then be able to control who can view which products by adding and removing those tags! Learn More: ActiveCampaign Connector


Zapier is not a CRM like the two Connectors before it. It allows you to build your own APIs! This means that a CustomerHub site connected with Zapier can communicate with any of the hundreds of apps that are also compatible with Zapier. Learn More: Zapier Connector


The CustomerHub Stripe connector allows you to do the following:

  • Connect CustomerHub products to Stripe products.

  • Enables ability to capture payment/setup subscription for CustomerHub products.

  • Add/remove user product access based on Stripe subscription status.

Integrating Payments and Shopping carts

As you can see CustomerHub fits perfectly no matter what your current business stack is. And if you are using something that isn't shown here, we are releasing new help articles all the time and you can always ask our wonderful support staff and we can help you get set up!

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