Getting Started

Signing into Stripe or Creating your Stripe account

Switching to a different Stripe account

Getting Started

To start, access your Stripe connector by clicking on the Gear icon in the bottom left and selecting "Connectors"

Then click "Connect" on the Stripe Connector section of the page (circled in green in the image below)

Signing into Stripe or Creating your Stripe account

If you already have a Stripe account, enter the email associated with your Stripe account and follow the steps to log into your Stripe account. Depending on your Stripe Security settings, this may require two factor authentication.

If you do not have a Stripe account, then you can create one directly through CustomerHub's interface!

Just enter the email address you would like associated with your Stripe account, and fill in the information that Stripe requires in each step of the process. To make it easier, make sure that you have your business and banking information ready before you start. Information may include: Country, Bank Account Number, Bank Transit number, and the type of business you have (LLC, Inc, Sole Proprietor, etc).

NOTE: The email that you use for your Stripe account may not be the same as the one used to log into your CustomerHub account. These log in credentials are not shared between CustomerHub and Stripe.

After you are signed in, Select the Stripe account you'd like to connect, and click the Connect button to continue.

You'll know the connection is complete once your Stripe Connector turns green and shows the name of your Stripe account.

Switching to a different Stripe account

If you have already connected your Stripe account and would like to connect to a different one, you can do so by clicking on the 3 dots on your Stripe Connector and selecting "Disconnect".

Then, click Connect button, and when you get to the screen below, you can select a new email from the drop down at the top (next to your email), select a different Stripe account from the list, or create a new Stripe Account connected to the same email.

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