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Email subscription management

Email notifications subscription options for both users and admins

Updated over a week ago

Both admins and users can manage a users individual notification preferences for transactional emails sent through CustomerHub.

Users can be subscribed or unsubscribed from the following email notifications:

  • Product-specific content notifications

  • New posts

  • Comment replies

Admin options

Admins can access a user's notification preferences directly from the user record while logged in to the admin backend:

To change preference as an admin, simply toggle each setting as desired, then click Save.

User options

When logged in to your site, users can modify their notifications preferences from the Notifications tab on their user profile:

Users can toggle on/off each option and then click Save to set their individual notification preferences.

Users can also click on the Click here to manage your notification preferences link which is included at the bottom of all emails coming from CustomerHub to be taken directly to the Notification tab on their user profile:

This feature ensures that users only receive the notifications that they want, which in turn helps maximize customer satisfaction and mitigate unwanted email deliverability complaints or issues.

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