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Stripe Connector Configuration
Stripe Connector Configuration

Learn about and configure various Stripe connector components in order to automate the end-to-end customer experience.

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CustomerHub's robust Stripe connection allows you to create a seamless purchase experience for new and existing customers, automate access to CustomerHub products, and more.

Important note: In order to complete any of these Stripe configuration steps you must first connect your CustomerHub application to Stripe.


CustomerHub's robust Stripe connector offers the following features:

  • Product Sync: allows you to link Stripe products to automate access to CustomerHub products when purchases are made through Stripe

  • Checkout (optional): creates Stripe payment links and directs site visitors and users to a Stripe Checkout experience to purchase CustomerHub products

  • Customer Portal (optional): allows logged-in users to automatically access the Stripe customer portal to manage subscriptions, billing info, invoices, and more

  • Activity Tracking: displays all Stripe-related activities including products purchased, and subscriptions started or canceled in the Activities feed

Product Sync

Product sync allows you to link Stripe products to automate access to CustomerHub products when purchases are made through Stripe. This may include both one-off and recurring purchases.

In either case, once the purchase has been completed, the user will automatically be granted access to the corresponding CustomerHub product. In the case of recurring purchases (subscriptions), access to the CustomerHub product will continue as long as the subscription remains active in Stripe.

CustomerHub products are linked to Stripe products on a one-off basis, meaning that you can choose which CustomerHub products you would like to link.

When you sync a product with Stripe, we make it easy for admins to identify them via the Stripe icon. Illustrated below


Follow these step-by-step instructions to link a CustomerHub product to a Stripe product:

  1. In CustomerHub, go to Products in the main navigation then click on the product that you'd like to connect.

  2. Click configure in the Connector Info section on the Info tab on the product (this will open the 'Stripe settings' modal).

  3. Click on the Product Sync dropdown in the Stripe Settings modal and select the product in Stripe that you'd like to link to. If the product does not yet exist in Stripe, you can select 'Create a new Stripe product' and specify a price for the product (please note: when creating a new Stripe product this way it will automatically inherit the name, image, description from the linked CustomerHub product).

    If the Stripe product you are linking to includes currently active subscriptions in Stripe, CustomerHub will automatically identify this and import these customers into CustomerHub upon completion.

    In the example screenshot below, the CustomerHub product has been linked to the Stripe product called Membership Mastermind which includes 1 active subscription.

    As stated above, the customer with this active subscription will be automatically added as a User in CustomerHub, immediately granted access to the corresponding CustomerHub product, and sent a product notification email if applicable (click here to learn more about notification emails sent by CustomerHub).

  4. (Optional) If you want to enable Checkout for this product then toggle on the Checkout setting. You can learn about the checkout here.

  5. Once you have completed these steps click Save.

Once linked, the Connector Info section on the product will reflect the name of the Stripe product that has been linked as pictured below:

Important note: Once successfully linked, any purchases of the linked Stripe, regardless of where they occur on the internet, will now initiate access to this linked CustomerHub product.

When connecting a Stripe product to CustomerHub we will sync previous orders from Stripe into CustomerHub. This one-time initial sync will add your existing Stripe Customers to CustomerHub. This setup will provide access to the CustomerHub product for all future purchases as well.

In the above example screenshot, this CustomerHub product has been linked to the Stripe product Membership Mastermind. As stated above, we automatically detect any previous orders for this product and sync them to CustomerHub. That newly added User will immediately be granted access to the product and sent an invite. (Learn More about product notifications)

NOTE: Once linked, You can not change the product sync in CustomerHub IF there are active subscriptions in Stripe. Cancel all active subscriptions associated with the specific product to change this product sync. Learn More

Checkout (optional)

Enabling this Checkout option will generate a Stripe purchase link and automatically add it to your product settings, under Purchase Method. (see section below). This link directs CustomerHub visitors and users to a Stripe Checkout to purchase your product. During the setup process, you must select a pricing plan that is associated with the Stripe product.

CustomerHub Checkout & Sales Pages

Now that you have linked your Stripe product with CustomerHub you can now sell access to your products directly from CustomerHub. We offer two methods for purchasing product access.

  • Send buyer to a Sales page, then to a Checkout page

  • Send buyer directly to a Checkout page

Sales page + Checkout page

Selecting this option under the Purchase Method of your product settings allows you to set up a CustomerHub hosted Sales page that links to a Stripe Checkout or external URL. The external URL option will enable you to use any custom page you may be using to sell your products. (ei. Keap Orderform, Shopify, Woocommerce)

To edit your Sales Page, click the pencil icon and select the Sales page template or duplicate a previously created sales page.

Checkout page

This purchase method will send visitors and Users directly to the Strip Checkout page OR a custom external URL. If you enable the "Show locked card to users without access" setting in your advanced product settings, visitors or users who click on the locked product in your CustomerHub library will be taken to the Stripe checkout or external URL page.

Customer Portal (optional)

When setting up the Stripe connector, you can activate the Stripe Customer Portal (see demo) in the Advanced Options section. Stripe requires you to provide URLs for your privacy policy and terms of use. Additionally, you can allow your Users to cancel subscriptions via the Customer portal. Configure your Stripe Customer Portal here.

NOTE: When a customer self cancels a subscription the product access will automatically be removed at the end of their billing period.

Activity Tracking

When a user buys a product that is linked to Stripe that activity will show in the Activities feed. We track the following activities (Learn More):

  • Product Purchased - Includes both one-time and subscription purchases

  • Subscription Started - Includes subscription purchases only

  • Subscription Cancelled - This activity occurs when the User self-cancels a subscription via the Customer Portal or an admin manually cancels a subscription in Stripe.

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