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Instructions on how to edit and manage your CustomerHub site brand

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Manage your site's branding

To manage your brand, click on the gear icon⚙️ located in the bottom left menu and select "Brand Center". Use the Brand Center to personalize your CustomerHub site and ensure that your brand is consistent when updating or switching themes.

Here is a short description of each asset in the Brand Center for your reference:

Web logo

This logo is displayed at the top of your CustomerHub site.

​We recommend using a transparent PNG with maximum dimensions of 400x400 px. For the Motivate theme (default) we recommend a wide image, and for the Foundation theme, we recommend a square image. Images are automatically resized to fit your theme. If no logo is provided, your site title will appear in the header of the site.


The favicon appears in the browser tab on both desktop and mobile.

​The optimal size of a favicon is 16x16 pixels, which is the size in which they are most commonly displayed. The preferred file format for a favicon is JPEG or PNG.​

Email Logo

The email logo appears at the top of all email notifications sent on your behalf by CustomerHub (click here for a list of these).

​We recommend a transparent PNG file that will look good on white (this is the standard background color for most email programs). The email logo will be scaled up or down to a max height or width (whichever is longer) of 500px. If either side is 500px to start with, then the image will stay the same size and no scaling will occur.​​


Your brand colors will be automatically applied to your CustomerHub site based on the preset color mapping for each theme.

If you'd like to further customize the colors in your theme, you can do so by directly editing your theme.


Your fonts will be automatically applied to your CustomerHub site based on the preset font mapping for each theme.

​Since CustomerHub is integrated with Google fonts, you can choose from over 1,500 fonts in the Google font library.​

When you have added all of your brand assets, click Save at the bottom of the page to automatically apply your brand assets to the CustomerHub site.

NOTE: Clicking save on the Brand Center will publish your theme and overwrite any custom color styles set on your theme.

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