Here are some important details and FAQ’s to help you through the migration process. Please note, we will refer to your existing CustomerHub as "classic" and the new version as "Next".

Upgrading to CustomerHub Next is optional.

  • You can continue using CustomerHub Classic for as long as you want. If you’re not ready to upgrade now or are happy with your current setup...don’t worry. We will continue to maintain the current software to ensure it runs smoothly for as long as you'd like to use it.

Migrating CustomerHub Classic content (pages) to the new platform.

  • We have invested a lot into CustomerHub Next. That investment was a total rebuild from the ground up and we’re thrilled to be launching a new page builder. Unfortunately, our new page builder is NOT compatible with the old page editor. You will need to manually re-create your existing content in CustomerHub Next. The good news is that you can now create beautiful modern page layouts without the need of a developer and custom code.

Migrating existing multimedia to CustomerHub Next

  • We will automatically make all your multimedia available in the new version. You will not have to re-upload any videos, files, audio, and/or images.

Custom Domains

  • You can use your CustomerHub Classic app name BUT it will be “.com” instead of “.net”. Eg.
  • In Addition to that you can also use your personal business domain. For example,
  • When your CustomerHub Next is live we will auto redirect to the new login URL.

Pricing for CustomerHub Next

  • Pricing will be announced at launch. Existing customers will be eligible to upgrade at their current paid subscription rates.

Frequently Asked Questions

Get all of your questions answered about the CustomerHub Next.

When can I migrate from Classic to Next?

  • Technically you can start the process now, even though we're still in Open Beta. As mentioned above we will try and make the migration as easily and seamless as possible with some specific built-in migration tools. However, those migration tools are not quite ready but will be finished soon. We do recommend signing up for a Beta app now to get yourself familiar with the new system. But migrating multi-media and users will be a manual process until we have completed those tools.

Can my existing members use their same username and passwords?

  • YES, when we migrate your existing list of members we will transfer the email and existing password they used to login. The transition for your members should be seamless and require NO extra or different steps to login.

    NOTE: The password import is a one time sync. After migration, the password will no longer be synced up to the Infusionsoft password field. Your members can easily recover a password using forgot password link.

What happens to my classic app while I migrate to CustomerHub Next?

  • When you sign up for CustomerHub Next you will have a free trial period while you migrate. When you’re done migrating just close your old app.

Does my existing Infusionsoft automation work? What changes do I need to make?

  • Yes and no. The new automation for CustomerHub Next has been simplified and streamlined. You no longer need a special campaign sequence step to add a new user. Now you just apply a tag related to your product and you’re done. Not to worry, we’ll cover this more in another guide.

Do I need a Keap or Infusionsoft account to use CustomerHub Next?

  • No. While we will continue to offer industry-leading integrations with Keap and Infusionsoft, these will not be required to use the new platform. CustomerHub Next may also be used with other apps or as a standalone product.
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